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Mango Sorbet Recipe

[This is a contributed article by the Green Goddess of the Rose Garden. – Editor] ‘Tis the season for fresh, ripe fruits. This recipe is so simple to make, with only one ingredient, yet as delicious as any dairy- or soy- based frozen mango desserts. Get the mangoes while they are abundantly available and stock […]

Chocolate Spinach Smoothie Recipe

I recently came up with this simple smoothie recipe which I now enjoy on a regular basis. I often feel like both chocolate and greens – this smoothie provides a nice way for me to combine both. Special Equipment Blender (A high-powered blender like a Vita-mix is ideal.) Ingredients 3 organic medjool dates soaked about […]

Hazelnut Lucuma Hemp Raw Vegan Smoothie Recipe

Lucuma (pronounced like ‘Loo-Koo-Mah’) is a rare fruit grown in pristine areas of South America and is one of the most popular desert flavors on the South American continent. It’s very aromatic and some describe it as having a maple-like flavor. I’ve been looking for additional recipes in which to include lucuma powder. An episode […]

Simple Buckwheat Porridge with Hunza Raisins Recipe

This is one of my quick no-fail staple recipes that I currently make on a regular basis just like the super blue-green smoothie or the banana cinnamon maca shake that I make almost every day as part of my raw vegan breakfast. This recipe makes one serving and makes a good breakfast. You can easily […]

Cashew Coconut Pudding with Sliced Banana Recipe

This recipe is a slight variation on the cashew coconut pudding presented by Ani Phyo in her book Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes. I’ve cut the recipe down in half to make it more appropriate for 1 or 2 people. The cashew coconut pudding on it’s own is very rich. It’s […]