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Simple Buckwheat Porridge with Hunza Raisins Recipe

This is one of my quick no-fail staple recipes that I currently make on a regular basis just like the super blue-green smoothie or the banana cinnamon maca shake that I make almost every day as part of my raw vegan breakfast. This recipe makes one serving and makes a good breakfast. You can easily double or triple the recipe based on the size of your food processor.


  • Food processor


  • 1/3 cup organic buckwheat groats, soaked approximately 8 hours (please see the update below).1
  • 1 ripe organic banana
  • 1 tsp organic ground cinnamon (more or less to taste)
  • 1/4 cup organic Hunza golden raisins (more or less to taste)


  • Rinse the buckwheat groats in water, then place in the food processor with the banana and cinnamon.
  • Process until the groats have all just began to break apart. Don’t over process or you’ll lose that nice porridge consistency.
  • Place in a serving bowl and top with the Hunza raisins (which the you can mix in when you’re ready to eat the porridge).
  • Enjoy!
Simple Buckwheat Porridge with Hunza Raisins

Simple Buckwheat Porridge with Hunza Raisins

Note that the cinnamon really makes or breaks this recipe. Since I really like cinnamon, I usually just dump a whole bunch in rather than measuring out an amount. You can replace the Hunza raisins with chopped apple, blueberries, normal sun-dried raisins, etc. That said, Hunza raisins are amazing and work really well in this dish as far as I’m concerned.

I get my organic buckwheat groats and Hunza raisins from OrganicLives Enterprises.


I was discussing buckwheat groats with some friends and the issue of the groats not sprouting came up. In the recipe above I don’t sprout the buckwheat first, but some people find buckwheat easier on their system if they sprout them first. It ends up that most people soak their buckwheat for far too long. The groats quickly become waterlogged and never sprout as a result. Also, soaking buckwheat for 8 hours like I originally suggested makes them prone to developing mold. I haven’t had this problem yet but one of my friends has. Because buckwheat groats are so sensitive and soak up water so quickly, you only need to soak buckwheat for about 20-30 minutes if you plan on sprouting the groats. I tested the recipe above after soaking the groats for only 20 minutes. The result was basically the same as if I had soaked the groats for 8 hours. For me, this means that I can prepare this meal quickly without having to plan ahead with regards to soaking the buckwheat for an extended period. The only real hangup ingredient-wise is making sure that I have ripe bananas on hand! :) Please share your knowledge/experience on soaking & sprouting buckwheat in the comment section below.


  1. Don’t be alarmed if the soak water seems slimy. This is normal when soaking buckwheat groats. Just make sure you rinse the buckwheat thoroughly before using.

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  1. Lauren says:

    It never occurred to me that I could just soak buckwheat groats and then blend them in a food processor. This concept opens up a whole new world of raw food ideas for me.

  2. Genny says:

    Same goes for quinoa, you can just soak it overnight and use it in the morning for breakfast porridge.

  3. Hi Everyone :)

    I recently ran out of Hunza golden raisins to add to the porridge. I’ve been using Hunza (purple) mulberries instead — also a great addition to the porridge and a good alternative if you’ve run out of Hunza golden raisins. I get my Hunza products from OrganicLives Enterprises here in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    Any other suggestions for variations on the recipe that have worked well for people?

    Wishing Everyone health and happiness!

    Your friend,

    Knobb Music Blog

  4. Aaron says:

    If you want them a little warm you can put them in your dehydrator if you have one or use a Vita-Mix instead which will warm them. Adding some vanilla bean, shredded coconut, and maca is also very good.

  5. Oh wow!!!!! What a good idea to put them in a dehydrator!! I will def try that out!

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