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Eternal Abundance and Truffles Café: Organic Produce and Raw Vegan Food

Eternal Abundance Organic Produce Store

Eternal Abundance, located at 1025 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada, is an all organic produce store. Yes, you can buy organic produce elsewhere in the city (e.g., Caper’s Markets), but what I *LOVE* about Eternal Abundance is that nowhere will you see products of torture and death (milk, eggs, meat, etc.). For me this is significant. Going into a standard grocery or produce store is often a very disturbing experience for me as a vegan — I now understand clearly what’s at stake when people buy and consume these products: the life of one or more sentient feeling beings. It’s hard to hide my feelings of revulsion at standard grocery stores as the people in front of me in line at the cash pay for their eggs, dairy products, and animal flesh. (And here I’m not even considering the public health issues at stake when people abuse themselves buy eating such things.) At Eternal Abundance, this internal emotional battle of mine is totally absent — this is a DISTINCT PLEASURE given how pervasive animal exploitation is in our society. If I lived closer to Eternal Abundance, I would buy most of my fresh fruits and vegetables there. The store is open from 10:30AM to 7:30PM.

Truffles Café

Truffles Café is one of the few all vegan places to eat in Vancouver (as of March 21, 2008). The Café is located at the back of Eternal Abundance and is open from 11:30AM to 6:30PM. There is a bar and table there where you can sit and eat, or you can take your order to go. Eating at the Café is not a fine-dinning experience, but definitely worth it if you’re in the neighborhood and are hungry for some solid organic raw vegan food. At least half the daily menu is raw vegan (the rest being cooked vegan food). Some of the raw dishes regularly on offer are beet burgers (I had this today and it was delicious — I’ll definitely order it again), raw lasagna, and raw burritos. These are all served with a salad with your choice of pineapple or miso ginger dressing. There are an assortment of other dishes available. You can also get a green smoothie and of course, raw truffles. All the ingredients used are certified organic except for the raw cayenne pepper used in some dishes.

In the following YouTube video, VeggieWorld interviews Ralph, the owner of Eternal Abundance. You’ll see what the store looks like and they discuss and try the raw burrito dish.

In part II of VeggieWorld’s interview with Ralph, they discuss and try the spinach pie:

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